(CBS) — The pilot of the plane that crashed Wednesday while trying to land at Bolingbrook’s Clow International Airport may have come in too fast to land safely.

Eyewitnesses told National Transportation Safety Board and Federal Aviation Administration investigators that the Cirrus SR 20 appeared to do a touch-and-go, circled and crashed several hundred feet short of the runway.

NTSB investigator Joshua Lindberg says it’s too early to say if the plane came in too fast or too far down the runway. And there was no black box aboard the plane, although he said investigators may be able to check surviving flight instruments and memory chips and get the information needed.

“It does become somewhat more difficult because we have less airplane, but we can still get what we need from what was left at the scene,” Lindberg said.

The NTSB will take custody of the wreckage and move it to a secure location as its investigation continues.

The crash killed surgeon Narayan Venguswamy and his wife, Jay, who were en route to Bolingbrook from Georgetown, Ky. They were coming to the Chicago area for a medical conference.

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