CHICAGO (CBS) — Beginning Tuesday, Americans will be able to shop for health care coverage through the Affordable Care Act’s “Health Insurance Marketplace,” a website that helps you examine your options.

However, CBS 2’s Dorothy Tucker reports many people with jobs that provide health benefits already could be disappointed by what they find.

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“Everybody is trying to save money. I’m trying to save money” said Anthony Davis, who works full-time to support his wife and two children.

He has a $31,000 income, and his company offers good health insurance benefits that cover his entire family, but he was curious if he’d be able to get a better deal under the Affordable Care Act.

“I’m wondering what’s my options with affordable health care, if there are any. By me being in a union, do I have any options?” Davis said.

Right now, Davis pays a monthly insurance premium of $152 out of pocket.

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When he plugs in all his information in an insurance calculator, question number four is the most important one: is employer coverage available?

Assuming the answer were no, Davis would qualify for a tax subsidy of $489 a month, and he’d only have to pay $52 a month for his entire family.

But Davis has to check yes to question four, because his company does offer affordable insurance.

If he chooses to buy insurance under the Affordable Care Act anyway, he would have to give up his employer’s contribution, and he would not get the $489 tax subsidy. Instead, the monthly bill would be $541; not the best deal.

“I just thought it was some options there for me, where I could bring down. … But, hey, thank God for what I got,” Davis said.

The bottom line for Davis is he’s better off sticking with his company’s insurance plan. The Affordable Care Act doesn’t work for him.

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For much more information on the Affordable Care Act, click here.

Dorothy Tucker