CHICAGO (CBS) — Many of us have taken a road trip to see a game. But what about driving from Chicago to Rio? That’s what some soccer fans are getting ready to do for next summer’s World Cup.

World FC, a project launched by two local soccer aficionados, is looking to take a unique path to the 2014 FIFA World Cup in Brazil.

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Co-founders Parker Heaps and Ryan Hendricks, along with a crew of other soccer enthusiasts, are set to drive from Chicago to Rio de Janeiro to attend the World Cup in hopes of capturing the passion, love and pride that surrounds the sport in a documentary that will be filmed along the way.

The trip is about 12,000 miles, each way, and will take them through about 15 counties.

Hendricks spoke to WBBM and joked that one of their goals is to “remain friends” after spending so many weeks in a car together.

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“I certainly hope so! We better get along really well or it’s going to be a long trip. But I know we’re going to make a lot of great memories and help a lot of people so it’s for the best, definitely. We can’t wait.”

The documentary, which will be shot over a span of five weeks in June and July of 2014, will explore what makes soccer a worldwide sensation and how various communities and cultures celebrate the world’s biggest sporting event.

Heaps and Hendricks, longtime friends and soccer fans, decided that driving and documenting their trip from Chicago to Brazil would not only be an adventure of a lifetime, but would also serve as an opportunity to make a profound difference.

“It all started as a fun idea, but then turned into this exciting project that has many people asking: ‘What? You are driving down to the World Cup?’ Yes, yes we are, and the best part is that we will be helping children in underprivileged areas along the way,” said Heaps.

World FC will provide children in need with donated soccer gear and equipment, such as jerseys, cleats, shin guards, and soccer balls. The organization will also collect funds to help build soccer fields and programs for youth in developing countries.

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“World FC wants to unite people through soccer,” said Hendricks. “The ultimate goal is to have a presence worldwide by building youth academies and creating a safe environment for kids to play.”