CHICAGO (CBS) — Following a turnover-filled performance, Bears coach Marc Trestman is just happy to be 3-1 at this point in the season.

Despite only one loss, Trestman knows the record could be a lot worse.

“You are appreciative of being 3-1,” he said. “We are three plays away from it being completely different. We have had to fight our way in all four games.”

“It was a difficult day in Detroit,” Trestman said. “We reconfirmed that you can’t turn the ball over four times and expect win on the road.”

“We made it very difficult for our guys to play defense yesterday.”

One bright spot: the coach was pleased with the pass protection, especially when the Bears had to throw the ball so often in the second half.

“We got a chance now to correct the guys … and improve in all three phases,” he said.