CHICAGO (CBS) — Monday will be a new day for CTA riders: the transit authority is trying to get riders to switch over to the new Ventra system.

CBS 2’s Courtney Gousman has more on the changes in store.

Sunday is the last day riders can load money onto their Chicago or magnetic strip transit fare cards. It is also the last day you can buy either of those cards at rail stations.

This is the first big push CTA is giving riders to help make the transition to the new Ventra cards.

It’s a contactless payment system that connects to your credit or debit card.

CTA riders may have already noticed vending machines for the Chicago Card and unlimited pass vending machines have been replaced with Ventra machines at train and bus stations.

Saturday, CTA held the first of several “balance transfer events” to answer questions and help riders move money from their fare cards to their new Ventra cards.

“We’ve had 10 million taps on our system. You can get your card wherever you want. You can add your account online and manage your account online. So you can add money online, either through a credit card or a debit card. You can do it at a vending machine here. You can also do it at that retailer,” said CTA spokesperson Tammy Chase.

The next big date to remember is November 14, which is the last day riders will be able to use Chicago and Chicago Plus cards on CTA.

CTA is advising customers to spend down their balances by then. If not, those balances can be transferred to a new activated Ventra account.

As of December 15 you will only be able to use the Ventra card– no more fare cards.

CTA is warning customers to expect longer lines at the train stations tomorrow, as riders who don’t already have a Ventra card, may be forced to pick-up one.

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