CHICAGO (CBS) — The Picasso of Pumpkins is at it again, with a 300-pounder being carved up for the Intercontinental Chicago Hotel on North Michigan Avenue.

Steve Dahlke says he has the hang of it now, after 20 years of pumpkin carving.

“My biggest will be 1,800 pounds and that will be at Brookfield Zoo,” said Dahlke.

The intercontinental pumpkin has the hotel’s name below a fairly benign face, though Dahlke is more than versatile.

“If it is happy, I lessen the amount of wrinkles. If it is scary, I add more wrinkles into it and a zipper. I have it where its head is unzipped and his guts are showing,” said Dahlke.

Dahlke doesn’t just grab the first knife out of the top drawer, he uses ice scrapers potato peelers and chisels for his pumpkins, including the one he is currently carving for the Intercontinental Chicago Hotel on Michigan Avenue.

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