By Ryan Baker-

(CBS) Two months ago my wife said six words to me that changed my life forever.  “You’re going to be a Daddy.”

I still get chills thinking about the exact moment when it hit me that I was bringing another human being into this world for the first time.  I haven’t stopped smiling since, but I’m also preparing myself as best I can to take on the greatest responsibility a man can have.  I didn’t wait 44 years just to be somebody’s “Baby Daddy.”  I’m looking forward to being a Father in every sense of the word to my little girl.

When the news broke last week about the tragic death – and possible murder – of Adrian Peterson’s 2-year old son, my heart sank.

And it wasn’t just the pregnancy hormones talking.

I can’t imagine the pain of losing a child, especially at the hands of senseless violence.  Since then, the Vikings star running back revealed that he didn’t even know until two months ago that he even had a son in Sioux Falls, SD.  Reports have also surfaced that the single Peterson been collecting kids like game balls.

According to one of his “Baby Mamas,” the 2012 NFL MVP has sired seven children.  I guess “A.D.” can do more than just run the football All Day.

It brings back to light the sad commentary on how a small but significant percentage of cavalier pro athletes like to spread their seed with multiple women, without regard for being a parent, or for their own personal health.

With countless examples of studs from Shawn Kemp to Evander Holyfield who have gone broke paying millions of dollars in child support, it begs the question of when will these guys ever learn?

You can’t discount the deprived socioeconomic background many of them come from – black or white.  I find the main culprit for their boorish behavior to be an almost arrogant air of invincibility that almost all highly-gifted specimens seem to possess.

This teflon-strong confidence is largely the same reason they achieve such great success in sport. There are a few things though that I just don’t get.

If you want to play, play on playa.  I’m not hating on that at all.  But, do you go into the game without strapping on your helmet or a protective cup?  I’m just saying.  And, haven’t you heard the rule about only messing around with someone with as much, or more, to lose as you do?

No, the Hooter’s waitress or third-shift dancer at the strip club doesn’t qualify.

It would be great to not only celebrate these amazing athletes for their amazing ability to perform, but also praise them for truly being Big Papas.

I’m going to do the absolute best.  Game on.

Ryan Baker

Ryan Baker serves as CBS 2 Chicago′s lead sports anchor on the 5:00 PM, 6:00 PM and 10:00 PM weekday newscasts. He joined CBS 2 Chicago from WMAQ-TV in Chicago where he had worked as an anchor and reporter since 2003. Follow him on Twitter @RyanBakerSports, on Instagram @RyanBakerSports and on Facebook. You can read more of his CBS Chicago entries here.