By Dorothy Tucker

(CBS) – President Obama vowed Monday to fix the glitches with the Affordable Care Act website, and that promise can’t come any sooner for frustrated people in the Chicago area who want to sign up for health insurance.

CBS 2’s Dorothy Tucker reports.

Ramiro Chacon works every day. He just doesn’t make enough to pay for private health insurance. He’s eager to sign up, but like millions he is dealing with problems in online enrollment.

The counselors at Sinai are also having trouble with the web site, but at least they can help people enter basic information while they wait for the government to fix the glitches.

Other options, meanwhile, include calling a 24-hour 800 number and a downloadable application that can be mailed in.

But technically, according to counselors like Myra Nash-Johnson of Sinai Community Institute, you have to be able to choose an insurance plan to enroll. The plans are only available on the website.

“We have to have to have access to the site,” Johnson says.

Problems aside, she says she’s excited that people will have access to health insurance.

“I’m not prepared to say we’re frustrated,” she says.

Chacon is. He is among those pleading with the government to hurry up.

“I live without health insurance for 10 years. I go back for free services here and there, and it’s not fair,” he says.

Because of all the confusion with the site, people still have lots of questions. There are 44 community centers where you can find counselors to help you. Click here to learn more.

On Nov. 22, the Sinai Community Institute is offering a free workshop to the public.

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