(CBS) Optimism abounds for the injured Bears.

First, Jay Cutler said his goal was to return earlier than the projected four weeks, and now, Lance Briggs has done the same.

“The doctor says I’m supposed to be four to six (weeks); I feel more like I’m going to be two to three, and we’ll meet somewhere in the middle,” Briggs said Tuesday night on “The Lance Briggs Show” on Comcast SportsNet.

Briggs fractured his left shoulder during the Bears’ loss to the Redskins on Oct. 20 and the team announced he was initially expected to miss six weeks.

“I think the roughest part for me was when I went down and the guy was laying on me and my arm was separated,” Briggs said. “When I stood up, I knew something was wrong. I tried to go get it taped up and then come back out. But right before I was going to try to go back out on the field, I couldn’t put my helmet on. If I can’t put my helmet on, I don’t need to be out on the field.”

Rookie Khaseem Greene is set to start in place of Briggs.

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