Dell Latitude 6430 laptop. (Credit:

Dell Latitude 6430 laptop. (Credit:

CHICAGO (CBS) — A computer company might expect complaints about slow processors or sticky keyboards.

But not: My new computer smells like cat pee.

Dell is being flooded with comments that its new Latitude 6430-U laptop smells just like it.

For those of you who have never smelled cat urine, it was described by one owner of many cats as a combination of “ammonia and bad fruit.”

In male cats that aren’t fixed, the urine “smells like death,” this person said.

Sounds pretty bad.

The company is acknowledging the problem.

“What we do know at this time is that this smell is absolutely not urine or any other type of biological material,” the company said in a posting on it’s website.

Dell thinks it traced the problem to a manufacturing issue in the area where users place their palms while typing.

The company said the problem has been fixed on models currently being shipped.

Anybody with a computer that “smells like death” can contact Dell for a new palm rest assembly that is supposed to have no stink whatsoever.

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