CHICAGO (CBS) — Tempers are flaring as more CTA customers are unable to contact CTA’s customer service with questions about their new Ventra transit cards.

Just two weeks before the CTA takes the final step to fully implement the much maligned Ventra system, riders are frustrated, angry and nervous that they will be left without a ride.

Constant foot traffic at a packed Ventra office near CTA’s headquarters produces more exasperation than results for some, CBS 2’s Dorothy Tucker reports.

“I was there about a half hour, and the line moves very slowly so I can’t wait any more,” said Julio Delarosa.

Delarosa walked away without getting his card activated.

Others complain about unexplained debits or problems transferring money from their Chicago Plus Card. Many are still waiting to get the card.

CBS 2 called the customer service number and waited 12 minutes before getting an operator.

Then, we were transferred and waited another two minutes for a customer service representative.

And that person could not help with our questions.

The agency is adding 200 more customer service reps to answer phones and emails.

“Any big roll out will have a few glitches naturally,” said CTA commuter Scott Shapiro. “This one has exponential glitches.”

CTA officials say they are putting pressure on the makers of the Ventra card, a company called Cubic, to fix the problems and respond to customers.