(WSCR) – Here are the Over/Unders for Monday Night Football as the Bears travel to Green Bay to try and upset the Packers.

Game Action:
Aaron Rodgers is 9-2 in career vs. Bears – 8-1 in last 9
Career 102.7 Rating against the Bears
Bears D the worst it’s probably ever been when facing Rodgers
O/U for Rodgers QB Rating:  105.5
Spiegel – Over      Laurence – Under

Bears want to avoid a shootout against this team
One way to do that is run Forte
But will score allow them to do that as much as they’d like?
Part of this will rely on Bears defense keeping it lower scoring
O/U for Matt Forte Carries:  18.5
Spiegel – Under     Laurence – Under

How will Bears line up on defense?
More nickel and welcome Eddy Lacy to run?
More base and make Rodgers beat them?
Personnel decisions will tell much of Bears defensive game plan
O/U for Defensive Snaps Khaseem Greene Takes:  27.5
Spiegel – Under    Laurcence – Over

Bears have to get pressure on Rodgers, plain and simple
He gets time and he’ll pick the secondary apart…even though Chris Conte was glowing in David Haugh’s column today
The Bears have hit Rodgers just 28 times total in the teams last 8 meetings
Can Bears hit him more tonight, make him more uncomfortable?
O/U for hits on Aaron Rodgers:  3.5
Spiegel – Over     Laurence – Over

Alshon Jeffery End Arounds
He’s had 6 this year, throw whole playbook at Packers?
Does Jeffery get a carry?
O/U for Jeffery Carries:  0.5
Spiegel – Over     Laurence – Over


First time the Bears are on Monday night this year so we’re getting a Canada reference
All crews have done it, why would this one be any different?
Will ESPN and their crew reference it more than once is only question.
O/U for mentions of Canada or Montreal:  1.5
Spiegel – Under     Laurence – Over

Gruden/Trestman coached together in Oakland
Gruden was head coach in 2001 when Trestman was QB coach
Trestman took over as OC when Gruden went to Tampa
O/U for Mentions of Gruden’s time with Trestman:  1.5
Spiegel – Over      Laurence – Over

Trestman/Gruden – Super Bowl 37
They coached against each other in that game
Does it specifically get brought up?
O/U for Super Bowl 37 Mentions:  0.5
Spiegel – Under     Laurence – Over

Shots of Dom Capers Combovers:  2.5
Spiegel – Over     Laurence – Under

Bears Starting QB’s vs Packers Favre/Rodgers Era
Does ESPN make mention of or a graphic of this?
Great liniage of quarterbacks to poster child for struggling at QB
O/U for graphics/mentions of franchise history at QB:  1.5
Spiegel – Under     Laurence – Over

Halftime Show with Berman
He loves old time rivalries…or at least plays into the past
Does he mention a Lombardi or Halas or any former Bear/Packer player?
O/U for former Bears/Packers players/coaches mentioned by Berman at halftime:  2.5
Spiegel – Under     Laurence – Over

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