CHICAGO (CBS) — A man who allegedly stole an SUV last week apparently was so desperate to get away after crashing into a taxi, that he slammed into four other vehicles, and left a trail of wreckage on a Lakeview street, before he was arrested a short time later.

A YouTube video shows a cab driver yelling at the driver of a black SUV in the 1400 block of West Belmont Avenue, after the SUV apparently rear-ended his taxi. The cabbie tried to block the SUV’s path as the driver tried to get away.

A police spokesperson said it happened on the afternoon of Oct. 30.

As the cabbie tried to get other cars to pin in the SUV, he slammed a hard object against the driver’s window. The SUV then sped past him, slamming into a different taxi that had stopped on Belmont. He then backed up, slamming into another parked car, then changed directions again, side-swiping the first cabbie’s car again, then crashing head-on into another SUV.

Finally, the driver of the stolen SUV managed to get past a line of stopped cars and out of frame of the person filming from a building above the street.

The driver of the SUV — 19-year-old Kenzell Lesure — was arrested a short time later, after crashing into a tree a few blocks away, according to a police spokesperson. Lesure has been charge with two counts of leaving the scene of an accident, and one count each of driving without a license, damage to public property, aggravated assault with a deadly weapon, criminal trespass to a vehicle, and driving without insurance — all misdemeanor charges.

Lesure was due in court on Dec. 4.