(CBS) – She’s five months pregnant, and came face to face with a home invader.

The expectant mother fought back – and won.

She tells her story to CBS 2’s Pamela Jones.

It happened Thursday morning, in LaPorte County, Ind.

Rachel Rhodes says a man kicked the door down Thursday morning. She says she wielded the first knife she could find.

“That’s when I held it up and yelled at him,” she says.

This mother of two — expecting her third child – had been on the phone with a friend when a stranger knocked around 11:30 am.

She didn’t answer. The suspect left, temporarily.

“He actually came back. He turned his car around, was facing our house and then he turned it around so it could be I think an easier escape route for him,” Rhodes says.

That’s when he began kicking in the door.

“Finally he kicked it in, and at that point I held up the knife and told him to get the hell out. ‘I have a gun,’ and he left,” she says.

Her husband, Matthew, an avid hunter, says he’ll make sure his wife is ready if there’s ever a repeat performance.

“Anyone that tries that again will be met with more than just a knife,” he says.