(CBS) –Nancy Economou says a recent business trip to the Philippines prompted her to start a non profit called Watts of Love.

“I realized the poverty and the conditions that people were living in I never really considered not having electricity,” Economou said.

Now, after at devastating Typhoon, she says the people there need her help more than ever.

“I’m told that some of the people there may not get power back for months but there are some remote islands who live without power every day.”

According to the World Energy Council some two billion people in rural areas of developing countries do not have adequate energy sources.

Watts of Love is an international, not-for-profit organization dedicated to advancing the means of living conditions of the men, women, and children without access to electricity, through providing sustainable, safe, and environmentally sound lighting products to empower their communities to live and function to their full social, economic, and health potential.

“What these lights offer is immediate impact of saving money so they don’t have to purchase kerosene. It also has a USB chord where they can charge cellphones and have communications even though they might not have cellphones, they can provide power to others and start their own mico business. They can also power radios for an emergency communication.”

Economou is launching a campaign in hopes of sending 10,000 solar lights to the Philippines by Christmas.

“Many of the devastated islands are very remote. We have boats and people willing to bring these lights to those who need them most. We just want to really help and bring light to those in need. These lights are going to help doctors and rescue workers too, having the ability to reach the outside world.”

The solar lights can last up to 3-4 years.

Watts of Love is also working with the people of Mozambique and Haiti. If you’re interested in donating, visit www.wattsoflove.org.

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