LAKE SAINT LOUIS, Mo. (CBS) — Three designer puppies stolen late last week from three different pet stores were dropped off at a Petland in Missouri on Sunday.

The thefts started Friday at two Petland stores in the Chicago suburbs — one in Bolingbrook, and one in Naperville — when a woman made off with a Maltese and a Havanese, after getting employees to let her handle the dogs.

A similar-looking woman also stole a Maltese puppy from a Petland store in Lake Saint Louis, Mo., a day earlier, when employees there left her alone with two dogs.

On Sunday, a man walked into the Petland in Lake Saint Louis, and placed a kennel with all three puppies inside on the front counter.

One of the owners of the Petland store said surveillance video from the store showed a man stopping a passerby who was entering the store, and asking him to take the kennel inside the store. The man who gave the passerby the kennel then walked away.

Lake Saint Louis police could not provide any further details. The puppies were all doing fine, and will be returned home.