CHICAGO (CBS) — The state of Illinois began issuing temporary visitors’ driver’s licenses to those who are not U.S. citizens on Tuesday. Already, prosecutors are reporting scams.

The Illinois Secretary of State’s office is the only legitimate place to get the new license, and is charging $30 for the entire package, which includes the vision, written and road tests. Yet the Illinois attorney general’s office said it has received complaints about driving schools charging as much as $1,000 or more.

Some of the shysters claim they’re selling “universal licenses” supposedly recognized in most states. But the attorney general said the certificates are worthless. And prosecutors say those other than the Secretary of State’s office who claim they can help you get a license, or get it faster, are frauds.

Prosecutors said no one should pay a free to schedule an appointment with the secretary of state, and said they cannot help expedite the appointment or the application process. They said you should be especially wary of anyone who promises to “clear your record” or obtain the new license for you immediately.

The attorney general’s office wants to know about such scams and has a number set up in its consumer fraud bureau.

The toll-free number is 800-386-5438.