(CBS) — Cook County Clerk David Orr gave out awards to people he and his staff deemed some of the best election judges. The ceremony was moderated by WBBM’s own Craig Dellimore.

There were dozens of election judges from suburban Cook honored, nominated by the staff at the County Clerk’s office and each other.

Monica Garza’s been working the polls on Election Day in Cicero for three years. Why did she start? She says it was a sense of civic duty and she likes helping people.

“It was an experience and also to help the community vote. You have your right to vote and it is very important for everybody to get out there and do it,” said Garcia.

John Nierodczik of Evanston Township has been an election judge for more than three decades. For him, it was all in the family.

“Actually, I started because my father was in the election in Evanston and before that he was involved as an election judge,” said Nierodczik.

In fact, all say they enjoy working with people and helping them exercise their right to vote.