CHICAGO (CBS) — Mayor Rahm Emanuel promises he’ll regulate the storage of petcoke which is piled up by hundreds of thousands of tons on the banks of Chicago’s Calumet River.

Emanuel said the 5 and 6 story piles of refinery residue degrade the environment and pose a health hazard to residents nearby so he asked his staff for legal options.

“What came back to me was there wasn’t anything on the books as it relates to regulating petcoke,” said Emanuel.

Emanuel suggested that made no sense.

“We issue all types of public health notices at restaurants, yet you have a byproduct that is economically and environmentally degrading a community and the public health of our children and there is nothing on the books that allows Chicago to protect its own citizens?” said Emanuel.

Emanuel says the City’s is drawing up regulations that will limit the harm and hazard from the giant piles of petroleum coke inside Chicago on the Calumet River.

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