CHICAGO (CBS) — We are happy to announce that the great Pizza War of 2013 has ended — there were zero causalities.

When Jon Stewart recently insulted Chicago style pizza on The Daily Show, more than a few Chicagoans vowed revenge against Stewart — after they were done recovering from the two slices of deep dish they’d just eaten, that is.

It wasn’t only Chicago pizza restaurants — like Giordano’s — that were offended by Stewart’s pizza rant. Even the Mayor himself, Rahm Emanuel, had a response for the New York-style pizza-lovin’ host.

Then Stewart had a response to Emanuel’s response and, well… It seemed like the back and forth jokes might never end.

On Wednesday night’s The Daily Show, Jon Stewart proved as skilled in diplomacy as some of the best politicians in history, and finally made peace with all the Chicagoans who like their pizza crust thick and their pizza sauce on top of the cheese.

Stewart went as far as to invite Marc Malnati from Lou Malnati’s — A Chicago pizza staple — to the show. Malnati didn’t appear on The Daily Show empty handed, mind you. He made sure to bring one of the famous Lou Malnati’s pizzas with him.

After setting some ambiance, which included one of those tiny tables meant to keep your pizza from getting crushed and a miniature candle, Stewart made a few more jokes about Chicago style pizza (it is a comedy show, after all) before saying, “This is for Chicago. I have great friends there, it’s a beautiful city,” and biting into a slice of thick, saucy and cheesy Chicago style pizza.

“Let me tell you this,” Stewart said, mouth full of pizza. “That is tasty.”

One handshake later with Marc Malnati and it was finally over. The Pizza War had finally come to an end.

Then, not able to let anything be, Stewart proceeded to call California pizza “sh-t.”

Hopefully Chicago is able to stay out of that pizza war.

Watch Stewart’s segment with Malnati below.