WASHINGTON, Ill. (CBS) — Monday in Washington, Illinois, residents could not go back in to the neighborhoods for safety reasons. Dump trucks and heavy equipment took over the streets to clear away debris.

Residents are now making sure their kids are back in school, that they have clothes on their backs and their insurance papers are all squared away.

CBS 2’s Susanna Song reports one big donation is giving them a new spring in their steps.

It’s the little things that make a difference when your homes are destroyed and Monday, hundreds of people got what they needed to get back on their feet.

71-year-old Jean Trovilion had to wear her granddaughter’s sneakers after her only pair of shoes got ruined in the storm.

“I had my Sunday shoes on, so I have dress shoes that I worked all day in the mud,” said Trovilion.

They were muddied and soiled after digging out of her home one week ago Sunday. But Monday, she is thankful after getting a brand new pair of shoes.

“I haven’t cried about the house at all. God was with us, he has really taken care of us,” said Trovilion.

San Antonio Shoes donated 3,000 pairs driven straight from Texas.

“We were stepping through nail and all that stuff and these shoes have bunch of holes, so having a nice pair of shoes means a lot,” said Cody Baker, who lost his home.

Carol Vanderburg did not expect to receive an new pair. After all, her house is still standing.

But it’s what the 72-year-old woman did that made everyone in the room make sure she left with sparkling shoes.

“We’ve been hauling stuff back and forth the day yesterday before yesterday and yesterday,” said Vanderburg.

It’ll take a couple days to remove all the debris. Right now a lot of churches and various organizations are focusing on Thursday making sure everyone has a hot meal and a place to go for Thanksgiving.