(CBS) — A desperate wish is answered for two women who say they can’t wait until next summer to get married.

Vernita Gray and Pat Ewert won a legal challenge allowing them wed now, months before Illinois’ marriage equality law takes effect.

CBS 2’s Chris Martinez reports on why.

Pat and Vernita have been a couple for five years, wanting nothing more than to be legally wed.

“In sickness and in health has real meaning to us,” said Vernita.

Time is very much of the essence for the couple.

“Seven months means a lot to me at this point in my life. Yes, it really does. Seven days means a lot to me right now,” said Vernita.

Vernita is dying from cancer that is inoperable. Her one wish is
make her union legal with all the benefits that come with.

“I want her to have what I worked for, of course,” said Vernita.

It’s a wish that will now come true, thanks to a federal judge.

“The judge was so brave to do what he did,” said Pat.

The County was ordered to grant this couple a marriage license now, seven months before the new law allows it.

“It’s like Christmas, my birthday, the tooth fairy all rolled into one at this point in my life,” said Vernita.

Vernita and Pat were issued a marriage license Monday night and they hope to have their ceremony this week becoming the first same-gender couple married in Illinois.