By Brad Edwards

(CBS)— It’s a mystery that’s creating intrigue from coast to coast. Someone is visiting restaurants, including right here in Chicago, and leaving astronomical tips for the wait staff, like $5,000 tips.

The only clue? The words tips for Jesus on each receipt.

At The Boundary in Wicker Park, server Sarah got a tip for $3,000.

The serving community is a buzz.

At the swanky Tortoise Club on State Street, Karen Baker has mixed, served and stirred for 10 years.

“I think it’s amazing and I hope to be one of them,” said Baker.

The only clue of the who is a photo sharing instagram account name, @tipsforjesus.

Tips for Jesus tips ranged from $500 to $10,000 tips.

Karen Baker’s stories only ring on the hollow front, like the time she rounded up a bill two pennies and paid for it.

“People don’t tip well all the time and they don’t understand that we work solely for tips,” said Baker.

Tips for Jesus a reminder to all, from Chicago to Hollywood.

The account was created three months and servers are at the ready. Their next story, might be a jackpot.

Brad Edwards