By Mary Kay Kleist

(CBS) — We’ve heard the advice before, drink eight glasses of water a day to stay healthy, and for many that means drinking water from a sport bottle. But as CBS 2’s Mary Kay Kleist reports, all that drinking could cause premature aging.

Joyce Neubeck, Susanne Rennie and Kathy Raymond have the same problem.

“I’d purse then I’d relax and it would still be there and they weren’t moving,” said Joyce Neubeck.

Susanne Rennie said, “Every time I took the water bottle to my mouth, you could see it.”

“They have been gradually getting worse,” said Kathy Raymond.

And over time, the wrinkles around their lips will deepen.

“Anything that is repetitively causing you to purse your lips, like your mouth around a straw, your mouth around a water bottle, a beer bottle, anything like that, it’s like the more you crease a piece of paper, that crease stays,” said Julie Moore, M.D., dermatologist.

“I drink at least eight water bottles full of water per day,” said Raymond.

Seems like Kathy Raymond is making healthy choices, regular workouts, plenty of water, great for her body and her health, but not so great for the skin around her lips.

“I never thought drinking water would have an impact,” said Raymond. Today she’s getting her first botox treatment. “I’m just hoping to decrease some of the lines on the top of my lip, and on the sides,” said Raymond.

“The problem is that once that once the line is etched, you really cannot un-etch it. You really should do it as a preventive measure,” said Dr. Moore.

Botox relaxes the muscles in the area so wrinkles won’t form. The effects last about three to four months. Treatment around the lips costs about $150. Another option is fillers.

“Filler is a product that would be actually injected in the groove, in the crease, I would say it’s kind of like caulking to push up the crease,” said Dr. Moore.

Fillers have to be re-injected once a year, typically costing $500 to $750.

If the lines are deeply etched, a laser procedure can smooth the skin above the lip. It worked wonders for Joyce Neubeck. “I love it. I love, it’s such a difference,” said Neubeck.

The laser procedure lasts for years and costs around $1,500.

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