(CBS) — The extended family of a two-year-old girl who died under suspicious circumstances over the weekend in the South Chicago neighborhood are demanding an arrest in the case.

WBBM’s Bob Roberts attended a sometimes emotional news conference in south suburban Phoenix.

Jah’Niya White’s mother and father say the child’s maternal grandfather has told them at least half a dozen different stories about how the girl sustained her fatal injuries. They say a nephew who was there saw him change the child’s clothes before she was transported to Jackson Park Hospital.

Paternal grandmother Britt Williams-Nelson claims the grandfather is a flight risk and had already been planning a trip to his native Nigeria. She says police are doing nothing.

“He’s trying to walk away. My granddaughter is not walking around. She can’t walk no more. I can’t see her no more,” she said.

Police say the investigation is active but that no one is in custody.