CHICAGO (CBS) — If you have the cash to outbid the competition, you can soon purchase your very own Chicago “L” train. No word yet on whether it comes with angry passengers complaining about Ventra.

The Chicago Transit Authority sent out a press release declaring that, for the first time in history, they’re auctioning off transit memorabilia.

“This is a chance for transit fans to obtain a piece of Chicago history,” said Forrest Claypool, President of the CTA. “We’re pleased to be able to offer our loyal customers a chance to collect CTA memorabilia.”

Yes, college students no longer have to climb the pole at the bus stop to steal a sign for their dorm room. Now they can simply buy one.

But why stop there? You could also own bus seats, conductor’s chairs, train doors or, heck, an entire train car.

Actually, there are two train cars up for auction.

Why someone would want a pile of rail spikes, we’re not sure, but you can buy those too.

The auctions are being run by Rick Levin & Associates and most of the auctions seem to end on December 18th at 10 a.m.