(WSCR) – Here are your Over/Unders for Bears vs. Browns courtesy of Matt Spiegel.  Print them out and play along with your friends during Sunday’s game!

Major concern with Cutler is turning the football over
8 interceptions and 3 lost fumbles for Cutler this year (4-4 record in starts)
1 INT and 0 lost fumbles by McCown (3-2 in starts)
Bears can’t survive if Bad Jay shows up and continuously gives ball away
Browns 8th most INT’s in the league with 15
O/U for Cutler Turnovers:  1.5
Spiegs – Under     Laurence – Under

Joe Haden one of the better cornerbacks in the league
Does he defend mostly Marshall?  Or try to slow down budding superstar Alshon Jeffery?
Bears offensive gameplan and Cutler’s love of throwing to Marshall both go into this
Marshall averaging 9.75 targets per game over last 4 (all McCown starts)
Marshall been targeted 132 times so far this year – just over 10 per game
In Cutler starts:  80 targets (8 games…10 per)   In McCown starts:  52 (5 games…10.4 per)
O/U for Brandon Marshall Targets:   10.5
Spiegs – Over       Laurence – Under

Cleveland pass defense one of the best in the game
2nd best, only to Seattle in yards allowed per attempt (6.1 per pass attempt against)
Bears average 7.7 yards per pass attempt – 7th best in the league
O/U for yards per pass attempt:  6.9 yards
Spiegs – Over       Laurence – Under

Bears get a break in playing a very weak running team this week
Can the defense finally slow down a running attack?
Bears worst in the league…by 22 yards a game against run (157 per.  Patriots 31st at 135 per)
Browns 28th best run offense at just 84.3 yards per game
O/U for Browns rushing yards:  135.5
Spiegs – Over       Laurence – Over

Faith in Cutler to stay on field?
Has failed to start or failed to finish 16 of the last 46 Bears games (34.7%)
Or could it be a blowout and get time off that way?
O/U for Josh McCown snaps:  0.5
Spiegs – Under     Laurence – Under


Josh McCown will be shown on sidelines regularly.
It’ll be so frequent we’ll stop counting at halftime
O/U for shots of Josh McCown in first half:  2.5
Spiegs – Under     Laurence – Over

Marc Trestman coached Bernie Kosar and Bears in Cleveland
Does Kosar get a mention
O/U for Bernie Kosar Mentions:  0.5
Spiegs – Over       Laurence – Over

The Browns choked away a 12 point lead at the two minute warning last week in New England
Was biggest blown lead at two minute warning since:
Bears vs. Browns in 2001.  The James Allen hail mary followed by the Mike Brown pick-6.
Does this game get mentioned or referenced.  O/u for 2001 references:  0.5
Spiegs – Over                       Laurence – Under

Alshon Jeffery and Josh Gordon playing about as well as wide receivers ever could right now
Jeffery has reset Bears single game receiving yards record twice this year
Josh Gordon has 774 receiving yards over last 4 games – most in 4 game span in NFL history
O/U for graphics showing Jeffery and Gordon’s big games this year:  0.5
Spiegs – Over       Laurence – Over

Thom Brennaman:
Remember he used to live in Chicago so he knows Chicago.
O/U for references to living in Chicago:  0.5
Spiegs – Over       Laurence – Over
O/U for reminding you “Nobody does it better than Fox” in regards to NFL coverage:  0.5
Spiegs – Over       Laurence – Over

Jay Cutler is back…
So are the neck twitches
It’s just a thing he does, can’t help it but you notice it
How many Cutler neck twitches do we see on camera Sunday?
O/U for neck twitches:  35.5
Spiegs – Under     Laurence – Under