CHICAGO (CBS) — Bargain hunters poured into the soon-to-be-closed Dominick’s stores on Friday, filling their carts with groceries at deals almost too good to be true.

At one of the stores in the West Loop, shoppers packed the aisles and checkout lines. There were so many customers, shopping carts were hard to find.

Some customers even brought their own cart, CBS 2’s Dorothy Tucker reports.

“I’m so excited,” said shopper Sharon Davis. “I feel like I hit the lottery.”

Her jackpot is a SUV packed with $500 worth of food that only cost $150.

Davis was among the scores of shoppers who showed up early at Dominick’s across the Chicago area for discounts of 50 percent or more.

They packed parking lots, came from down the street or across the border.

One shopper from East Chicago, Ind., drove over the border to buy formula for her two babies.

Inside the store, captured on cell phone video, patient shoppers waited in long lines, for two to three hours with overflowing carts, filled with everything from laundry detergent to snack crackers.

“People are really nice,” one shopper said. “It’s not anything like Black Friday. I thought it would be. It’s just there are no carts anywhere.”

The search for a cart turned some shoppers into stalkers as they followed people to their cars.

Full carts meant empty shelves in parts of the store, but employees were spotted restocking. They’re working overtime to man every cash register.

Not everybody came away happy.

One shopper said the selection was “picked over big time” and the long lines simply weren’t worth it.