NORTH CHICAGO, Ill. (CBS) — Dozens of dogs were discovered in a small one bedroom apartment in North Chicago.

The owner of the dogs has yet to be identified, but animal abuse charges against her are pending and her apartment may be declared unlivable after 30 Chihuahuas were rescued from there last week.

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Last Friday, Animal Control discovered 30 sickly Chihuahuas inside a squalid, one bedroom apartment after responding to an anonymous complaint.

“More than half of them, probably three-quarters have varying degrees of mange, which left untreated can cause infections, eye infections, ear infections,” said Dana Deutch, North Chicago Animal Control Warden.

The dogs were found in an apartment at 1301 Victoria.

Today, the dogs’ owner had little to say, but outside the apartment there was a powerful stench and pile of garbage.

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Police handed out photos showing the inside with dead insects on the stove, dog food everywhere and urine and dog waste on the floor.

“In North Chicago, I’ve never seen anything like this. 30 dogs, it’s a lot,” said Deutch.

The dogs are now sheltered in a heated garage at police headquarters until they can be nursed back to health and parceled out to animal rescue organizations. Most are dehydrated two are definitely pregnant, and two others may be, including one believed to be the original female in the group.

“She is lactating but they don’t know if it’s a false pregnancy or if she is pregnant. We’ll find out. She’s a sweetie,” said Deutch.

All 30 dogs have already been promised to various rescue organizations, but they could be here at police headquarters another two weeks.

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Police are looking for monetary donations and volunteers to care for the dogs. If you’d like to help, call North Chicago Police at 847-546-8447.