(WSCR) – Here are your weekly over/under’s for the Sunday Night game between the Bears and Eagles.  Print them out and play along.


Unseasonably warm in Philadelphia this weekend
High of 68 on Sunday, chance of Thunderstorms and maybe severe one’s Sunday
Fast paced Eagles offense + warmer weather = cramping?
O/U for players to leave appearing to cramp up:  1.5
Spiegs – Under         Laurence – Over

Eagles go to Wildcat?
If so, then possibly bring in Vick to do so
Or…Foles get hurt and force the backup in?
O/U for snaps taken by Michael Vick:  0.5
Laurence – Over                  Spiegs -Over

Cutler struggled last week in first half
Was lights out in the end, slow start though
Can Bears survive if he starts slow against Philly?
O/U for Cutler 1st Half QB Rating:  85.5  —  He’s 89.8 for the season
Laurence – Under               Spiegs – Under

Bears give up some big time running games
AP over 200, Ray Rice’s best day of the year, Brandon Jacobs coming back to life, Eddy Lacy and James Starks combining for a big day up in Green Bay
Can Jeremiah Ratliff and Lance Briggs slow down McCoy?
O/U  for LeSean McCoy rushing yards:  155.5
Laurence – Under              Spiegs – Over

Bears 4th Quarter Points:
21 last week – lead league with 125 (8.9 per game)
O/U for Bears 4th quarter points:  9.5
Laurence – Over                 Spiegs – Over

Briggs Tackles:
Averaging 7.0 per full game played this year
O/U for Lance Briggs Tackles:  7.5
Laurence – Over                 Spiegs –

Chip Kelly linked to Texas job
Does the Texas coaching search get a mention at all?   0.5
Spiegs – Under                     Laurence – Under

Trestman and Kelly both first years as NFL Head Coaches
O/U for mentions of “First year NFL Head Coaches/Head Men or Man”:  0.5
Spiegs – Over                       Laurence – Over

Al Michaels loves point spreads and over unders
Does he mention one during Sunday’s game?  O/U 0.5
Spiegel – Over         Laurence – Over

Shots of the Liberty Bell – 0.5
Spiegs – Over          Laurence – Under

Rocky Statue – 0.5
Spiegs – Under        Laurence – Over

Shots of a cheese steak:  2.5
Spiegs – Over                      Laurence – Under

Alshon Jeffery — not Jefferies
Does Collinsworth mess that up?  He did against Pittsburgh earlier this year
O/U for Collinsworth mispronunciation of Jeffery:  0.5
Spiegs – Over                       Laurence – Over

It’s Christmas time…
Cutler is from Santa Claus, Indiana
Jolly Saint Nick Foles starting for Philadelphia
O/U for references to “Saint Nick” or Santa Claus, Indiana… 1.5
Spiegs – Over                       Laurence – Over