CHICAGO (CBS) — Most of the smaller Christmas tree lots are closed by now. But WBBM’s Steve Miller found one on the North Side that’s in its final day – and as employees dismantled the lot, they reflected on Christmases past.

There’s the story of the customer who swore the cut Christmas tree kept growing once she got it home.

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“Well, you know – the tree is cut already. It can’t be alive anymore.”

Then there was the family who claimed the tree lot sold them more than a tree.

“I’m like, ‘A squirrel from the tree?'”

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WBBM: They claimed that you sold them a tree with a squirrel in it?


And finally under the heading of Christmas Tree Confidential: When those trees are unloaded as they come in in November – some of them have nests. And we’re not talking about birds.

“When we unload it from the truck, sometimes jumping for the street – running – are the rats.”

WBBM: But the rat doesn’t stay with the tree.

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“No, never. It jumps out and runs away. It’s funny because everybody’s screaming.”