CHICAGO (CBS) — A little boy’s school has become a place for his family and friends to express sorrow, and heartache. The community rallied around a family torn apart by tragedy at a candle light vigil.

11-year old Donovan Turnage was with his father and brother when a carjacker crashed into the family vehicle.

As his cousin watched with tears streaming down his face loved ones paid tribute to Donovan Turnage.

“One thing that you’ll know about Morrill Eagles is that we soar, and one thing that you’ll know is that Donovan Turnage is soaring right now,” said Keith Mahone, Morrill Assistant Principal.

Donovan is soaring because on Saturday he was killed by a hit-and-run carjacker. The Morrill Elementary fifth-grader was in the backseat of a vehicle when he was ejected on impact. He died in his big brother’s arms.

“His eyes were open and he just looked in shock. I saw he was looking at me and I told him to hold on but I saw him drift away,” said Derrick Turnage, Donovan’s brother.

Those gathered in his school’s auditorium lit candles in his honor. Desmond Tillman spoke about the loss of his classmate and best friend.

“He really made me happy. It Is just sad to see him go,” said Tillman.

Donovan’s god sister was among those in the standing-room only crowd. Her pain was obvious as she addressed the man suspected of killing Donovan directly today.

“That man took somebody close to me from me. I just hope they can find him because it wasn’t fair. It wasn’t fair,” said Joyce Clark.

Meantime, the manhunt continues for the 34-year old man who police say is suspected in a serious of carjackings. The man from Beach Park hasn’t been charged but police say he’s wanted for three separate carjackings Friday and Saturday as well as a series of robberies and criminals incidents in Chicago and Wisconsin.

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