(CBS) The Packers are a drastically different team when Aaron Rodgers is on the bench.

And according to Dan Pompei’s sources, the Bears may not have to face Rodgers this Sunday, as the quarterback is still recovering from a broken collarbone suffered on Nov. 4.

“I have spoken with some people about Aaron Rodgers,” Pompei told The McNeil and Spiegel Show. “I should preface this by saying I’m pretty sure a final decision has not been made yet. It’s still a fluid situation. From what I’m hearing from some pretty good sources, he probably is not going to play because the fear is that if he gets hit again, he could break the bone again and no one wants that to happen. I think there’s a good chance it’s going to be Matt Flynn again on Sunday based on what I’ve heard from my sources up there.”

The winner of Sunday’s Bears-Packers game earns the right to represent the NFC North in the playoffs.

670 The Score contributor Hub Arkush also reported Monday that Rodgers’ collarbone hasn’t quite healed yet.

“From what I understand, (Rodgers) was a lot further away than he was letting on,” Arkush told The McNeil and Spiegel Show on Monday “Apparently what the Packers have been doing is letting the media get a look at him during stretch and the early part (of practice) and as soon as the media leaves, so does Rodgers. He goes to rehab and doesn’t do a lot. I’ve got one source that tells me when the doctors looked at the scans last week, (they determined) the bone is just not healed.  Remember, Lance Briggs’ (injury) was four to six weeks and it turned into nine. … My gut just tells me that Rodgers isn’t ready.”

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