RIVER FOREST (CBS) — Firefighters rescued a 13-month-old dog who slipped into the Des Plaines River in River Forest.

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He’s a Fox Terrier named Floyd, and he was pulled from the river by the River Forest Fire Department.
Floyd’s owner says she and her neighbor were walking their dogs when Floyd – off his leash – ran toward the river and slipped in and the only thing above water was his head and front paws.

“Just his front paws and his head were above the water, and he was just whimpering and my friend called 911,” said Floyd’s owner.
She says firefighters and police responded.

“They had this long pole with a hook on it and they were able to hook it around his harness and pull him out of the water. And then they had blankets and wrapped him up and the firemen grabbed him and carried him all the way to the car and they warmed him up in the car and they drove me here.

“They were so, so gracious and such wonderful guys.”

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The firefighters went by the animal hospital later to check on Floyd.

The vet says Floyd may have suffered a little frostbite – but basically he should be OK.

Floyd’s owner says she didn’t think the fire department would respond to a dog in the water, but firefighters initially thought it might be a person in the river.

Floyd is doing well and was treated for hypothermia at the River Forest Animal Hospital.
Floyd fell into the water at Thatcher and Washington in River Forest.

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A few hours later, firefighters pulled a black lab from the Des Plaines River about a mile from where Floyd was rescued.