(CBS) — It’s all in a winter’s day in International Falls.

“Yesterday morning, it was 43 below here.” Mayor Bob Anderson says you have to be mentally prepared for a day like Monday’s going to be.

“Collier’s magazine back in 1954 dubbed International Falls the coldest town in the nation,” said Anderson. “But you choose to live here for the job or your love of the outdoors.”

Anderson says people get used to it. He says dealing with the extreme cold is a state of mind along with a whole lot of layers.

Any advice for Chicagoans about to embark on their own bout with extreme cold weather?

“Dress in layers, make sure no skin is exposed. Keep moving, and be prepared mentally when you go out in the cold,” said Anderson.

Last week, for 8 straight days, International Falls, Minn. experienced temperatures of at least 30 below at night.

Anderson has lived in International Falls his whole life, so he says it’s something you adjust to however, the first warm day of spring is always appreciated that much more. Somehow, Chicagoans can relate.

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