By Derrick Blakley

(CBS) –Some Metra commuters experienced delays of up to two and a half hours on their morning commute, especially on the Milwaukee District Lines.

Metra announced that they will be operating on a reduced schedule for the evening commute cancelling more than two dozen trains.

The Northern Indiana Commuter Transportation District says normal service on the South Shore Line will be restored between Chicago and Michigan City, Ind. Shuttle buses will operate from South Bend to Michigan City on Tuesday.

The frigid, sub-zero cold threw Metra’s morning service into a deep, deep freeze.

“We had delays on all our lines, some of them were extensive,” said Metra spokesman Michael Gillis.

That’s no news to commuters like Scott and Anne Merill, now heading back to Schaumburg.

“Took us about four hours to get in this morning, now we’re trying to get back home,” said Metra commuter Scott Merrill.

Trains backed up near Western Avenue, where four main Metra lines converge due to frozen switches and blowing snow.

“When that snow gets in the switches, the moisture can affect their proper functioning and so you have to have somebody out there make repairs immediately,” said Gillis.

Metra crews using brooms to try to sweep snow out of switches.

“We actually stopped around Western, and that’s where we were for like an hour and a half,” said Metra commuter Nadia Channa.

On the CTA, most trains and buses had only minor delays. Just waiting in the bitter cold was a profile in courage.

CTA commuter Alisha Kurtz is putting her Christmas gifts to good use to battle the cold.

“I got some warm things for Christmas like my new coat,” said Kurtz.

Metra’s afternoon commuters face the likelihood of more delays.

“I want to get home and be warm and not be in this cold,” said Nadia Channa.

Those morning delays on the Milwaukee District North Lines were compounded by an accident as train that struck a car near Touhy Avenue in Niles, but the biggest culprit was the weather

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