By Dana Kozlov

CHICAGO (CBS) — The cold is making it tough for drivers trying to navigate the roadways. The crunch of snow and now ice on Chicago’s side streets means slow going.

“It is slippery, but I got it ok,” said Amya Gomez.

“It is literally frozen in place next to the curb from all this snow that has blown in,” said Humboldt Park resident Brian Eaton.

That’s the other big side street problem: a wall of frozen snow on either side of parked cars. It makes an already difficult car extrication that much harder.

“I own a small furniture company and have deadlines to meet so off to the studio,” said Eaton.

His departure took longer than expected and required a push.

Adding to the hazards are objects used for parking dibs, snow drifts and cars parked sideways. On many two-way Chicago side streets, there’s really only room for one car to pass because of all the snow.

“I think this year, it was responded to as quickly as other years,” said Humboldt Park resident Joel Rivera.

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