(WSCR) – Here are your Over/Unders for this weekends divisional games.  Print them out and play along with your friends.
Over / Unders for NFL Divisional Round:

Saints at Seahawks – 3:15 on Saturday  (Burkhardt/Lynch)

Drew Brees and Russell Wilson – 2 of the best QB’s in the NFL
Also two of the shortest – Brees 6’   Wilson 5’11”
Do we get a graphic to show that both aren’t prototypical QB heights?
O/U for Chart Showing Short QB’s:  0.5
Mac – Over           Spiegs – Over

Three years ago Marshawn Lynch’s run vs. New Orleans caused the ground in Seattle to shake because of the crowd’s reaction
We get a rematch of that game this week, 3 years and 4 days after the fact
O/U for Shots or Mentions of Lynch’s famous run:  2.5
Mac – Under                 Spiegs – Under

Colts at Patriots – Night game on Saturday  (Gumbel and Dierdorf)

Peyton Manning vs. Tom Brady
Met in the AFC Playoffs in 3 times between 2003 and 2006
Names change but team’s still the same
Manning plays the following day versus the Chargers
O/U for mentions of the name “Manning” during game:  5.5
Mac – Under                 Spiegs – Over

It’s Dan Dierdorf’s last game…
How long does it take into kickoff for that to be mentioned by Gumbel?
O/U for first mention after kickoff of Dierdorf’s final game:  10:00 left in 2nd
– After             Spiegs – After

And finally…with it being Dierdorf’s final game
Does he tear up?  Can we hear him start to cry at all at the end?
Simple yes or no…do we hear Dan Dierdorf get emotional at end of game?
Mac – No             Spiegs – Yes

49ers at Panthers – 12:10 kickoff on Sunday – Buck and Aikman
Jim Harbaugh meets Ron Rivera
A couple of late 80’s Bears and former teammates
Do we see them back in their old Bears uniforms at all from that time?
O/U for Shots of Harbaugh/Rivera in Bears uniforms:  0.5
Mac – Over                    Spiegs – Over                Finfer – Under

Colin Kaepernick another huge showing last week at Green Bay
32 rushes in postseason – 362 rush yards.  Highest average for anyone with 30 postseason carries in NFL history.
Kaepernick had just 4 carries for 16 yds vs Carolina earlier this year
Averages 90.5 rush yds per playoff game in career
O/U for Colin Kaepernick Rush Yards:  45.5
Mac – Over                    Spiegs – Over

Chargers at Broncos – 3:25 Kickoff on Sunday – Nantz and Simms
Phillip Rivers and his bolo tie
He wears them to his post game press conferences, been noted a lot by different media outlets this week
Offices are having “Bolo Tie Friday” this week in honor of it
O/U for different Bolo Ties we See:  3.5
Mac – Under                 Spiegs – Over

Broncos have a historically good offense…39.9 points against teams not named the San Diego Chargers
Just 24.0 ppg vs the Chargers however
Chargers seem to have Broncos/Peyton figured out
Also worth noting – not D but Rivers 5-4 in career vs Peyton
O/U for Broncos points:  30.5
Mac – Over                   Spiegs – Under

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