(CBS) — An Army Corps of Engineers report has a U.S. Senators, local mayors and waterway industry representatives speaking out against one of its solutions to stop the spread of Asian Carp.

U.S. Senator Mark Kirk says to fight the spread of Asian carp by isolating Lake Michigan from the Mississippi River would cost Chicago more than $4 billion over the next 20 years.

He is against it, and so is Romeoville Mayor John Noak and Westchester Mayor Sam Pulia.

“From our perspective, the impact of separation has so much negative impact on the potential economic impact activity that exists today and the future,” said Noak.

“If this separation is going to cause any, at all, increased flooding situations for any municipality I am here to stand up and say I think it is a bad idea,” said Pulia.

Del Wilkins with canal barge says separating Lake Michigan could hurt barge traffic, so more research is needed.

“What has to happen is more time needs to be given to be able to understand the true impacts,” said Wilkins.

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