Mark R. Williams is a managing director and head of Discovery Services for Huron Legal. Along with a deep bench of experienced Huron professionals, he helps clients control costs and manage resources to address every phase of their e-discovery needs. Mark is a great example of how an educational background can help to open up opportunities in other fields.

(Photo Courtesy of Mark R. Williams)

(Photo Courtesy of Mark R. Williams)

What is your educational background?
“My background includes a B.A., magna cum laude, followed by a law degree from Columbia. I have a Masters of Business Administration, Project Management Certification and a Masters in International Relations. I am associated with American Bar Association, Illinois Bar Association, Chicago Bar Association and District of Columbia Bar Association.”

How do you feel your education has helped with your overall success?
“My education has been essential to my success. My Master’s in International Relations helped prepare me for opportunities overseas. As I transitioned away from law and into management, I went back and completed my MBA nearly 15 years after graduating from law school. The MBA was critical for my eventual transition into full-time management and my role today at Huron Legal.”

How does your background help with your current position?
“My current management position as head of Huron Legal’s Discovery Services business at Huron Consulting Group is different in that I am both part of and managing a much larger team and business. In the January edition of Huron Legal’s newsletter, For the Legal Eye, I will have a podcast discussing 2014 trends in the legal industry and specifies e-discovery challenges for corporate law departments and firms.”

What advice can you give others in terms of obtaining an education?
“Take every relevant educational opportunity presented to you. I have followed this philosophy my entire career and it has helped me be better at my job today. My experience in law and management as well as my education were critical in getting me to this point. It provided me with the tools to do the best possible job and to support the people who work for me and the clients my team serves.”

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