CHICAGO (CBS) –Prosecutors say he made it look like a maniac killed his 9-year-old daughter, but Tuesday Richard Lyons stood before a jury accused of killing her himself.

Mya Lyons body was found in an alley near her father’s home in July of 2008 and Richard Lyons was charged with her murder more than two years later.

CBS 2’s Dana Kozlov has details from day one of his trial.

Cook County prosecutors describe Richard Lyons’ public pleas to find the killer of his daughter Mya Lyons’ death as a “show.”

Now Lyons is on trial for her murder – a murder prosecutors allege he tried desperately to cover up.

The investigation was a bit derailed – said Assistant State’s Attorney Fabio Valentin.

“Police looked everywhere for this bogeyman that could have abducted Mya Lyons,” said Valentin.

And search, police did, back in July of 2008 – after Lyons told them he found his daughter’s body in an alley near his Gresham home. She was beaten and stabbed dozens of times.

After Lyons found Mya, he took her to Jackson Park Hospital in his van, telling doctors she may have been bit by a dog. Police later seized that van and prosecutors told the jury blood was found inside the van’s vents.

Another witness said he noticed Lyons changed clothes the night of the murder. Mya’s mother testified her daughter would never sneak out of the house because her little girl was afraid of the dark.

Prosecutor’s theory is that Lyons killed his daughter inside the van, dumped and then pretended to find her body.

Lyons’ attorney told the jury that police wanted to solve this murder at any cost, pointing out authorities do not have a witness, a motive or forensic evidence.

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