By Brad Edwards

(CBS) — Some people on the Northwest Side are facing an unusual power problem as a power line pole is literally falling apart. Residents say they’ve been complaining about it for a month.

The power engine of the neighborhood cracks in the balance.

“Crazy how no one’s come out and fixed it,” said Kyle Luna.

Resident Sharon McNeely says the pole has been crooked for “at least a month.”

“You can literally see another person on the other side of it through the post,” said McNeely.

CBS 2 happened to be there on the day that State Representative Luis Arroyo was. Now, a month in, it will be fixed.

“I’m between a rock and hard place. I would hate to talk about other entities,” said Arroyo.

But in this case, the buck finally stopped here.

The state representative, who rectified the situation in a day, is told a new pole will arrive Wednesday. Replacement to take a few days and should be done by next week.