Adam Fridman is the founder of both and Mabbly Digital Marketing. He has a Bachelor’s degree and Master’s degree in the business and management field with a specialization in finance. His passion for helping those in small business helps to increase the stability of the economy, one entrepreneur at a time.

(Photo courtesy of Adam Fridman)

(Photo courtesy of Adam Fridman)

How do you use your background in Business and Management in your current position?
“I oversee strategy and operations, my responsibilities revolve around business development, project management, managing departments and maintaining an inviting and proactive work environment.”

How has your education background helped in obtaining your current position?
“Upon completion of my Master’s, I was offered more responsibilities within investment banking. Thereafter, my career took a different trajectory due to the experience I received. It helped me to become better equipped in providing value to my company.”

How do you feel your education has been influential in the overall success in your career?
“The skill set I have created through my education serves as the foundation of everything I do. I don’t believe it is the technical knowledge that is key, it is the analytical way to thinking and confidence in the ability to solve any challenges offered in business.”

What do you think of the role of small business in the economy today?
“It is the backbone of our economy. As cliché as it sounds, after interviewing hundreds of entrepreneurs, I see the value of business creation and the jobs it allows as the future of our economy. Through endless case studies, I believe we have reached a consensus that if businesses don’t innovate, they will perish. The U.S. economy is a grander example, but fits the formula that we must innovate to evolve.”

What advice can you give others looking to go into this field?
“Keep an open mind about how you can use your degree. Graduating with a degree in finance doesn’t box you into a career in finance. Look at your education as an important part of your toolkit to prepare you for the world of opportunities.”

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