CHICAGO (CBS) — Snow, shovel, cold.


It’s been a constant cycle for weeks, and the snow and brutal cold are beginning to take a toll on our psyche.

If one could actually see the faces of people, who are currently covered in layers, one would likely see the pain and fatigue.

After all, there’s only one way to describe this winter.

“Brutal. It’s brutal and cold,” said Kelly Barry.

She said her way of coping is simple: “I pretty much stay inside as much as I can.”

Dr. Robert Shulman at Rush University Medical Center says it’s actually normal to want to stay in.

Of course, staying inside all the time is not an option.

Shulman said if you find yourself suffering from the winter blues, there are ways to fight it.

They include: exercising regularly, eating a healthy, balanced diet, getting enough sleep and, when possible, getting sun exposure.

“Sitting in front of a big window while the sun is out, even if it’s minus 2 on the other side of the window, I think just having that sun is elevating for people,” Shulman said.

If all else fails, keep this in mind: Warm weather will come. It always does.