CHICAGO (CBS) — Ihab Abouzeid arrived in Chicago in early January.

Abouzeid, a German tourist, had never been in the United State before. Traveling alone, he decided to visit Chicago.

And what was the city’s welcoming gift?

Polar Vortex, Part 1.

On Jan. 6, the temperature plunged to 15 below zero, setting a record for that day.

In a post on Reddit, Abouzeid said he had never experienced cold like that.

However, rather than let it ruin his trip, he seized the moment and created a short video homage to the city that, in his words, “braves fire and ice.”

“It was the astonishing mix of pain and passion” Abouzeid wrote on the Chicago Reddit page.

“Pain due to the brutal cold (I NEVER experienced such a cold! NEVER!), passion due to my love for traveling.

“Passion wins over pain and transforms it to something positive, the super-low temperatures really kept me awake and focused, and Chicago has such an intense and vivid spirit full of greatness that deserves every bit of attention.”

Clearly commentators on the Reddit page were touched by Abouzeid’s spirit.

“Cool video and I am glad you enjoyed your stay,” one person wrote. “My friends who have moved away to warmer cities call me crazy for dealing with the winters here. But I just really love this city.”

Abouzeid said he plans on a return trip.

“I will jump back to Chicago as soon as I can! Summer sounds nice.”

John Dodge, CBS Chicago

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