(CBS) — How would you like to work your way to a free computer?

A Logan Square organization is giving people that opportunity.

Volunteers learn to deconstruct and then reconstruct donated computers. It’s called FreeGeek.

In a basement there are a lot of people doing something they love, and they are proud to call themselves geeks.

“I love it. It’s a great time to meet people and learn computers a little bit more,” volunteer Joe Zuniga says.

They take old computers, break them apart, fix them if they can and then resell them for deep discounts. In return, they are able to earn their way to a free computer.

Retired nurse Rosalyn Suggs is one of them. She learned how to fix her daughter’s computer. She’s stilling coming back.

“I love it,” she says.

James Slater is one of the few paid people on staff. He could be working at Apple or any another computer store but it’s more important to him that he’s here.

“People come in here, get the hands-on skills with the computers, so if it breaks they know how to fix it,” he says.

Volunteers undergo classwork first. Then they start by dismantling computers and recycling the parts if they can’t use them.

FreeGeek is always looking for donations: smart phones, tablets, computers desktops and laptops.

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