CHICAGO (CBS) — A couple of North Side men took a dip Saturday in the snow storm.

WBBM’s Mike Krauser reports Patrick Gazleyand Gardener Yost did cannonballs into a small pool of open water off the end of one of the docks at Diversey Harbor.

Gazley does it once a week and for Yost it is the third time.

“We’re doing it to fund-raise for Ripple Africa. So I am doing a weekly swim starting in November all the way through until May to help raise awareness for Ripple Africa’s environmental, educational and medical operations in Malawi,” said Gazley.

Gazley was a volunteer in Malawi several years ago and he decided he could continue to help the people there with these weekly swims chronicled at

They ran a couple miles before the swim and both say that makes it bearable as they swim in the snow at Diversey Harbor.

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