(CBS) Not long after the comparisons started between the defenses of the 1985 Bears and the newly crowned 2013 Seahawks, a former Bear has weighed in to voice his opinion.

Otis Wilson, a linebacker on the ’85 Bears, was impressed by the tenacity of these Seahawks, but he emphasized he and his guys were on a different plane in an interview with CSNChicago.com.

“(The Seahawks) don’t remind me of us at all,” Wilson told CSNChicago.com. “They’re just a good football team that’s playing great football and they won.

“You look at Richard Dent, Mike Singletary, Wilbur Marshall, Dan Hampton…come on. Do I need to say more? When they get to that point, then we can talk about it. Right now, they’re not there yet. They got a little more winning to do.”

The numbers between the two defenses are strikingly similar. The ’85 Bears allowed an average of 12.4 points per game, while the 2013 Seahawks allowed 14.4, according to NFLspinzone.com. Both teams allowed 4.4 yards per play. Both allowed 4.8 yards per pass attempt.