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(CBS) — His family was active in the civil rights movement and now this man is trying to make a difference for patients who must take medication in a timely manner.

CBS 2’s Harry Porterfield says Douglass Bevel is someone you should know.

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Bevel says his son was diagnosed with a rare kidney disease.

“He lost the transplanted kidneys, because we did not make sure that he took his medication,” the father says.

So, Bevel came up with “Cert Alert.”

“It’s like a seat belt alarm. It just keeps on alarming, until you do what it wants,” he explains.

The purchaser places a pendant around the neck and places an adhesive piece under a pill bottle cap.

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The alarm can only be turned off with the sensor on the medicine cap.

Bevel credits the Chicago Inventors Organization, 1647 S. Blue Island Ave., with helping him develop his invention.

“He’s got a product that’s actually needed,” says Vice President Dennis Daniels.

“His device is going to save a lot of lives.”

Bevel draws inspiration from his parents, Diane Nash and James Bevel, who led the integration effort in Nashville in the 1960s.

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“My mother, she’s in history books, and she’s met presidents, but to me she was my mom who was making eggs, in the kitchen. So, it gave me a different perspective,” he says.