By John Dodge

CHICAGO (CBS) — Before he became one of the greatest film directors of all time, Stanley Kubrick started as a staff photographer for Look Magazine.

When he was in his 20s, one of his assignments took him to Chicago in 1949, where he captured the glamorous and gritty sides of the city. The magazine piece was titled “Chicago: City Of Extremes.”

The photos were accompanied by an essay by Chicago Sun-Times columnist Irv Kupcinet that dealt with social and economic contrasts that, in Kup’s view, defined the city at the time.

Kubrick’s photos included school children, a butcher in a meat locker, a family enjoying a meal the opulent Pump Room, a family living in the African-American slums on the South Side, showgirls and men working in the steel mills.

Many of the photos shown here weren’t published by the magazine, but remain in the archives of the Library of Congress.

(Credit: Stanley Kubrick/Library Of Congress/Look Magazine)

(Credit: Stanley Kubrick/Library Of Congress/Look Magazine)

A school girl with classroom artwork.

Stanley Kubrick Steel Mill

Kubrick captures the intensity of working inside a Chicago steel mill.

Stanley Kubrick Showgirl

Kuprick captures himself in a dressing room mirror with showgirl Rosemary Williams.

Stanley Kurbrick Chicago Stock Exchange

Traders making deals at the Chicago Stock Exchange.

Stanley Kubrick Family

A family in the slums on Chicago’s South Side.

Stanley Kubrick Fancy Dinner

A family enjoys a fine meal at the Pump Room.

Stanley Kubrick Elevated Train

An elevated train car makes its way around The Loop.

Stanley Kubrick People Reaching

It is unclear where these people are, possibly at a concert or sports event?

Stanley Kubrick Butcher

A butcher inside one of Chicago’s huge meat lockers.

Stanley Kubrick Train Commuters

Commuters make their way to the train.

Stanley Kubrick Girl In Classroom

A school girl appears to daydream in class. Or perhaps she is trying hard to think of the answer.

Stanley Kubrick Lingere Model

A lingerie model takes a cigarette break.

Stanley Kurbrick Models With Clothes

Women modeling clothes.

(Credit: Stanley Kubrick/Look Magazine/Library Of Congress)

(Credit: Stanley Kubrick/Look Magazine/Library Of Congress)

Wrestling match.